Sorry, but we stopped selling licenses. Read announcement.

Not a Subscription
All Mailplane licenses are perpetual and you will get small updates for free. Only major updates (e.g. Mailplane 4 to 5) will require a new license, but no one is forced to update when we release major updates.

All existing Mailplane customers get an upgrade discount. Install Mailplane 4 and enter your Mailplane 3 license.

Education Discount
We offer an education discount for new Mailplane licenses. Go to our Education Store and use your .edu,, or email address or write us for a quote.

Non-Profit Discount
We offer a non-profit discount for new Mailplane licenses. Write us for a quote.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you are not satisfied with Mailplane, we will return 100% of your purchase price within the first 30 days. No questions asked.